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Friday, September 5, 2014

The Unkown

     I went to the jaw specialist yesterday and it was hard to hear I am not progressing. I don't know if people really know what is wrong with me, because I tend to be vague with this. It is hard for me to talk about something that is so sensitive to me.

    Here is kinda the low down of it to understand as you read this. I have major muscle damage in my jaw, my jaw also moved after I got my wisdom teeth out 15 months ago. Because of my muscles being so damaged my nerves are going crazy and firing at the same time. When this all started, no one could give me a real answer, I just had to live with the pain. Sometimes the pain would go away, but it has decided not to anymore. It's kinda like having a 24/7 Charley horse on both sides of my jaw, except worse. I am not telling you to feel sorry for me. In fact, the exact opposite. Until I found out even what it was, it was worse to live with the unknown. 

     Could you imagine  living with the unknown? Not able to know what is going to happen? Turning it around from this I have thought about all the people who don't know not just about the gospel, but about heaven.
Lizzie: I'm a fun loving 23 year old, college student, professional motivation speaker, and author. I promise it's the truth! I was blessed with a very rare syndrome that only 3 people in the world are known to have. You can visit my website to learn more about what it's like living with this unknown condition. www.aboutlizzie.com
     When I was on my mission when I asked someone about Heaven and Hell, that person told me that they thought that 75% of people go to Hell. I learned from this person more than you would think. I am so grateful for going into life knowing things like that 75% of people are not going to Hell. The unknown is scary, and a lot of people don't know about the Gospel. Though I am not a missionary with a name tag, I can still be a missionary now, and share with people what I know. 
I don't want anyone to have to be scared of the unknown. If it is anything like how I felt when I didn't know what was wrong with my jaw, I don't want anyone to have to feel that way. 
If we can help with that, we should.

Maybe I have this trial right now for me to learn this type of thing. 

I am no longer afraid of the unknown.

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