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My life may be crazy, but I couldn't ask for anything better. Learning, one step at a time.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dear Future,

Dear future,

I have so many cliche things to say, maybe because I am a cliche person, but I will stick with my learning experiences because that's why you are on my blog right?
I wonder, why our society likes to read about others, I mean, love reading about others, that is why we have social media, and why it is s popular. I guess this is my way of adding my piece to society, but in a positive way. I don't know what to write very often, but lately my blog has been in my mind. I put a lot of thought into this, pictures and videos are really my thing, so there will probably be more pictures than words on my blog, but I want to take this seriously.
So, Dear Future,
Remember who I am, because one day, you'll learn from the past, and fix the present, for a better future.
A sincere Thought.

I was diagnosed recently with Glossopharyngeal neuralgia. If you looked this up, you will quickly find out it is in males over the age of 40...I am most most definitely a female, and I just recently turned 20.
I am not happy I am sick, but it turns out, I am happy for what this has brought me. I learned the unknown is scary, but it'll bring your family together, it'll bring together people you never expected to have around.
When I was going through treatments a few months ago, my family couldn't be there because I lived in Idaho. I had people take me to the appointments, hold my hands through the pain, take care of me through it all. The thing was, it wasn't just one person, it was countless people, some that barely knew me. I will never forget undeserving service I recieved. 
Promise, even small things, will make a big impact on others. Those people that helped me through this, I will never forget.
Service can be small,
Service makes a big impact.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Babies, So many Babies.

"How many children do you want?" They say.

                            "When are you going to start your family?" She asked.

          "How many children is too much?" They question.

Well, I don't know.
I  didn't. This week is questioned about how many children SHOULD you have. Another question is SHOULD I have children? As someone who is going into the field of marriage as a life career, shouldn't I know these questions?
Here is a quote to start us off, to think about this in a deeper level. President Brigam Young, a previous prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, once said,
            "There are multitudes of pure and holy spirits waiting to take tabernacles, now what is our duty?—To prepare tabernacles for them; to take a course that will not tend to drive those spirits into the families of the wicked, where they will be trained in wickedness, debauchery, and every species of crime. It is the duty of every righteous man and woman to prepare tabernacles for all the spirits they can."
Now, what does this have to do with ANYTHING?! It has to do with everything. When I bring a child into this world, I want it to be in the home of a family who can support, cherish, love, and care for this child. Now, imagine if you were suppose to have a child, but choose not to, what happens to this child? Could this child potentially go to another family? Now, what if this family is a family where abuse in the home?
   This thought of the potential future child of mine going to a home, and being attacked because I chose not to have him or her, freaked me out. While understanding this, it helped me understand that I need to prepare now, and begin to have a home, and be the best person I can, so that when I do have children, they will come into that loving home they are in need of.
The fact is, almost every country is "downsizing" you could say. What I mean is, on average, a person has no more than 2.5 children in nearly every country. Now, my father is from four children, my family has five children, my mother is from seven, and my grandfather is out of sixteen (I think we are the reason the average is so high). I could never picture life without my large family, it seems crazy to me because of the happiness brought, and will bring. Why is this though? Why is the average so low? 
      In my family class we learn quickly how many people really do want large families! It is a dream of theirs, but they will not have it. Why? Because it is not a "trend" to have that many, it is not socially accepted in many cultures. In fact, most countries in Europe, are decreasing in births. In order to populate, at the same amount we are today, you have to "replace" you and the person who made the child. So, each couple has to have two children or more to repopulate or have the world grow. Without doing so, we actually face problems of no replacements in the work field, social security, and not to mention the growth people receive by choosing to have a child.
      Now, I am not saying their are never instances that a child cannot be born into a family, because I totally get that, I am saying though, if you are in a loving, caring environment, personally, I do know I will have many children, the love I have for these future kids already is unimaginable, I can't comprehend what it will feel like when I do have children.
PLEASE comment what you think! I would love to here from people I do and do not know!
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Friday, April 24, 2015

The Family

Hey everyone! So, as many of you know, I am a marriage and family studies major. Something we are doing for the class it talking about many different topics about well, you guessed it! The family! I would LOVE for your comments to come in as I write about many different topics! I have it so you can write the comments anomalously so feel free and enjoy!
To start off, here are a few pictures of my family! I am so glad they are my family!