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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sunny Side up

The News Update:
My life is Sunny with a chance of a Great Future:)
Hows that for you world?
       Throw a few more things at me and I am gonna keep going NO MATTER WHAT.
So here is the real update: The are still testing a whole wack load, but, they are starting to narrow it down and slowly figure what to do with my jaw. Until they found an amazing cure, or solution, I am just chilling at home trying to figure out how to deal with the pain...I am starting to lack on the movies I haven't seen though, so feel Free to comment good movies to watch ha.
    You know, life is still good, I am alive, have this family fighting extremely hard to help me, and the Lord is on my side. He didn't give me this trial for nothing, I still have a lot of things in my life to live for, and I WILL accomplish my goals in my life, so I am still coming at this life Hard, and that'll Never change!
Sorry I don't have a wonderful news report for you, but, my life is my life, and it's still pretty great if you ask me.
Stay Positive
And If anyone reading this EVER needs to talk, I am all ears and just a message away.
Love you all:)
                           Here are just a few photos of my family cause I really kinda like them:)

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  1. I dont know of any good movies but I LOVE YOU!
    Ps. T-minus 5 days!